WO Pet Smart Feeder Review

WO Pet Smart Feeder Review

As a cat owner, it's your sole duty to care for them even when you're not away. They'll experience separation anxiety; which makes them harder to raise and more anxious when they're around you. To prevent this problem, you should invest in a cat feeder.

While you can use traditional methods and place food in a plastic bowl, you're better off buying an automatic cat feeder. Cat feeders allow you to schedule and plan your cat's meals so that they can eat correctly.

You can't go wrong with the WO Pet Smart Feeder, not only is it a lightweight and mobile cat feeder, but it has a webcam and a recording feature that helps you engage with your pet. Read this quick review to see how this pet feeder can strengthen the bonds between you and your cat.

About The Product


  • Works with a 2.4 GHz Wi-FI Network
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 11.8 x 15 inches
  • Detachable Tray Included
  • Voltage: 110-240 Volts
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones

The WO Pet Smart Feeder is an automatic cat feeder that can deliver a full meal to your cat within 48 hours. The feeder is fast and has a voltage power of 110-240 volts which helps the device feed your cats effectively. It's currently sold on Amazon at a price about $155.

First, shoppers like this product because of its easy Wi-Fi setup. For example, link your feeder into the power adapter and make sure your mobile phone is connected to your Wi-Fi system. It only takes 30 minutes to setup, which is already 2x faster than competing cat feeding devices.

Plus, its timer is another reason why cat owners like this device. It's a dial operated feeder that is run by a spring. The spring opens up the timer mechanism and causes the dial to rotate until it reaches zero. After that, the food container is open, and your cat has access to their daily meals or snacks.

WOpet Feeders Review

Competing cat feeders are known for expiring quickly. But, the WO Pet Smart Feeder has ice packs to keep your food completely fresh. This is a great advantage for owners who want to feed their cat wet food without having the moisture spoil the meal altogether.

If this is your first time buying, the WO Pet Smart Feeder has a simple design that's very easy to operate. Simply place your food inside of the feeder and set the timer on. Once the timer is up, your cat will be able to have a myriad of snacks available for them.

We also like its video recording feature. With the WO Pet Smart Feeder, you can connect to a WI-FI hotspot and view your cat in 1080p resolution. This feature helps owners quickly interact with their cats and reduce their separation anxiety while they're away.

However, you won't like this device due to its lack of backup battery power. You'll be able to run this device for 2 days before needing a charge. For owners who might be away for a week, you might want to have extra meals stored to ensure that your cat can be properly fed.

Mainly, the WO Pet Smart Feeder is great for owners on a budget. It offers a cheap, yet efficient way to give your cat food within a respectable time frame. Buy this product if you're ready to feed your pet regardless of the location.

Buying Advice

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Power Rating

Getting an automatic cat feeder that helps users program the feeding time without default scheduled meals or default intervals is mandatory. Since no one knows as much about your cat as you do, you should decide which timetable is best for your cat and you.

Additionally, you need a feeder that helps you choose the portions that fit your cat's dietary needs and your veterinarian's recommendations.

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And, your feature should be able to handle all types of cat food: dry, semi-wet, or wet food. You don't want the feeder to adapt to your cat's needs, but the other way around.

Camera Or No Camera?

If your cat spends most of their time alone, the best cat feeder is one that has a webcam. This allows owners to monitor their cat's eating habits closely. Usually, webcams can be controlled remotely via tablets or cellphones.

Determine The Power Source

Most automatic pet feeders have two different types: plugged or battery operated. Unless you're planning on staying at home, a plugged feeder is the best option. Battery operated feeders tend to run out fast, so it's best to get an electrically operated feature.

Electric operated pet feeders are the most reliable out of the two forms. In the event of a power outage, the electric feeder will retain its programs and continues to dispense food normally after once the power is back.

WOpet Feeder Review


This is a necessary aspect that you need to consider. Not all cat feeder models work with every type of food. Look for a device that performs better with the food that you regularly give your cat.

The key here is to find out the average size of your cat's food. If the food is compatible with the automatic cat dispenser, then you should try it. Otherwise, you're better off getting a better model to ensure that you can feed your cat without any issue.

Closing Thoughts

As we close, we believe that the WO Pet Smart Feeder is one of the most versatile cat feeders in the market. It has a high voltage rating and can schedule your cat's meals with its simple programming system.

Ultimately, this product is a great choice for at owners who want to maintain their cat's daily diet. Purchase it if you're serious about getting your cat their daily nutrition whether you're home, at work, or on vacation. No matter the location, you'll be able to feed your cat with this device.

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